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Wire Bonding

​반도체 소자와 Substrate를 전기적으로
연결하는 Packaging 공정

  • Material

    • Gold Wire, Aluminum Wire, Copper Wire​

  • 검토 항목

    • Pad 도금 사양, Pad Size, 간격, Package 도금 사양, 공정 온도, Bonding 강도(Pull Strength), 전기 소모량, Package Size, Substrate Size, ... etc.​


Ball Bonding

Gold Wire Bonding

Wedge Bonding


Ball Bonding
Wedge Bonding

Wedge Bonder

BJ820(HESSE Mechatronics)

Thin Wedge Bonder Fully Automatic

Working Area

  - X= 305 mm  (12.3§)

  - Y= 410 mm   (16.14§)

  - Bonding Speed:  Up to 6 wires, application dependent

  - Fine Pitch Capability: < 40 µm, Axis position repeatability 1um 

  - Wire Diameter: 12.5 µm‒75µm

  - Control of Bond Quality: monitoring of wire deformation; PiQC

Material : Gold, Platinum, Aluminum

img_equipment_wire bonding_edited.png
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